Remembering Jesus Music

 The Sixties

During the 60's, America reeled beneath the clash of two divergent cultures - dividing generations and once close knit families. Free love, the Vietnam War, rock music and long hair became common battle grounds as families splintered into opposing camps. God did not remain silent amidst the chaos and conflict, Quietly, almost imperceptively, God began a new work in a counter culture looking for relevant answers. By 1969, "Oh Happy Day", a blatant presentation of the gospel, topped the pop charts, and the Jesus movement swept, not only the United States, but the entire globe.


Asleep in the Light

 While the church was sleeping, the Holy Spirit changed lives!  A new generation discovered the gospel of peace and love. Most churches rejected the Jesus people revival and alienated young believers seeking a church family.  These new believers were primarily ostracized for their appearance (typically clothing and hair), rather than doctrinal beliefs.  Seeking ways to share their new found faith, this new generation of believers began writing songs and reaching out to friends with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The church bristled and often attacked them with scathing extra-biblical sermons and judgmental condemnation.

Singing a New Song

The revival could not be silenced by national preachers and churches that were preaching man made rules rather than God's word.  The Jesus Movement swept the globe, and new believers picked up their guitars and began writing songs - songs about a new life, a new heart and a new relationship with Jesus. They began to sing songs about the rapture, and the soon return of Jesus Christ.  All under the critical eyes of those who preferred to strain at gnats while swallowing camels the gospel spread, and a new generation began to sing a new song. These new believers laid down their old lives and, filled with the Holy Spirit, began "singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among [themselves], and making music to the Lord in [their] hearts." Ephesians 5:18-19


Music for a Change

The Jesus Movement spawned a new genre of music - Jesus Music. The music was fresh and sincere offering personal testimonies, and observations about God's word. For some, Jesus became the first hippy, or some holy Eastern guru. For most, Jesus became their Lord and Savior, and they expressed their new found peace, joy  and love in the musical language of the day. Jesus Music offered music for a change - a change of heart, a change of perspective and the evidence of a changed life. Those were special days, and the music remains an historic chronicle of those touched by a special move of the Holy Spirit..